Journey Toward Healthy Hair: Shampoo and Conditioner Reviews

| 11/18/2008 12:14:45 PM


My hair before I finally got it trimmed (and my manager's puppy Guiness). 

A recent visit to Salon Di Marco in Lawrence, Kansas has made me rethink the way I take care of my hair. After a six month period of avoiding the hair salon (due partially to laziness and partially to lack of money) I finally scheduled a hair appointment at a hair salon close to my new home—and I had major split ends.

My new stylist analyzed my hair with a skeptical eye and asked me what I use to wash my hair. “Garnier Fructis” I replied.

Then, she scowled.

Evidently my money saving techniques were damaging my hair. The shampoo I was using, she said, might have been causing my hair to dry out and loose its shine. She recommended I use an organic shampoo with natural essential oils such as shampoo from John Masters Organics.

So begins my journey toward proper hair care. Please comment and let me know what products you think I should try out. Our first stop will be John Masters Organics, as I scavenge for shampoos I might want to use on my soon-to-be healthy hair.