Herb Companion on Martha Stewart Radio

| 11/19/2008 10:20:03 AM

Martha Stewart Radio

If you heard me on Martha Stewart Radio this morning, I talked about healing burns with herbs, calendula, and getting enough sleep during the holidays. Curious about some of the topics I talked about, here are links to more information about these topics.

Interested in herbal remedies for burns? Check out these Herb Companion articles:
• Simple Solutions for Minor Mishaps 
• Heal from the Outside  

Want to know more about calendula, 2008’s herb of the year? Check out these articles:
• Herb of the Year 2008 
• Calendula: Golden Petals  

I mentioned how easy it is to make your own herbal tinctures. Here's a story that gives you the basics:
• Homemade Medicine

Need help going to sleep during these stressful holidays? Try these herbs:
• Valerian  
• Hops  
• Catnip
• Californian Poppy
• Passionflower