Hello Cleveland!

| 3/10/2008 4:53:38 PM

I'll let you in on a secret: I don't garden all that well. I spend my weekdays reading letters from readers who describe how much enjoyment they get from turning the soil and tending their seeds; editing articles about helping your plants thrive; and critiquing photos of and recipes using plants. So you can imagine how much it stings that I can't even grow basil in my kitchen. Inevitably, I end up feeling lost in a subterranean maze of horticulture, looking for the stage. Quite frankly, I'm jealous.

Instead of getting mad, I'm embracing my beginner status. In this blog, I'll be telling you about my container gardening experiments, herbal product picks and inspirations for garden design. I'm hoping to get to know you along the way, so I hope you'll send your advice my way!