Healthiest Grocery Stores Revealed

| 11/17/2008 10:53:36 AM


Shopping at Whole Foods Market is fun for me. I enjoy the colors and scents of its fresh produce, I like the gourmet-style prepared food section and I love its organic meats and wild fish counters. I am a food lover, yes, but my parents have also owned health food stores for more than 20 years; health food stores are part of my life.

I was not surprised that my favorite big grocery store ranked number one on Health magazine's healthiest grocery store list, and I also am happy that mainstream chains are making an effort to offer better food choices. Since I moved to Kansas a year ago, I have noticed how difficult it is to shop for healthy foods at chain grocers, especially if you don’t know what healthy foods really are. This list from CNN, courtesy Health magazine, is promising.

Living far away from a Whole Foods Market has forced me to look for an organic CSA (community supported agriculture), which next spring will provide me with organic, locally grown produce and poultry; I still need to go to the grocery story for grains, fruits and the occasional packaged cookie, however.

Photo By Bob Jagendorf/Courtesy flickr


There is a health food store near where I live with a good amount of good-for-you foods, but its prices are high, probably because as a small co-op they don’t have purchasing power. This, I believe, is one of the reasons many people shun healthy foods—because they think it is more expensive. Most days I end up going to Dillon’s, where I go from the produce section, with its limited variety of organic veggies, to the natural foods section, which has organic staples, like pasta and grains, canned and packaged foods, and juices and sweets.