Growing a Lemon Tree at Home

| 2/1/2012 3:59:45 PM

S.FaithScarlet Faith has always grown gardens since she was a little girl and lived in a kind of garden suburbs. She really got into herbs when grocery prices started going through the roof. If you are going to grow something, why not grow something you will use. That is the way she thinks about it anyway. Read more from Scarlet by visiting her blog Beautiful Body By Faith. 

"Girls just want to have fuuu'un," (Go ahead and sing to Cyndi Lauper's old tune!) "just growing herbs." Hmmm ... I guess guys do, too.


I love to read anything on herbs; I learn from what others have to say, then I kinda figure things out on my own. I want to try to see if it would be easier and if the herb will grow well with my idea. For example, I have always wanted to learn how to grow a lemon tree. And boy are they expensive! I have plans to buy a pink striped lemon tree, but anything over $20 seems expensive to me. I am just a little country southern girl who would rather make it than buy it. But that is just me.

So I read up on growing lemon trees, bought some lemons that had never been refrigerated, saved the seeds, let them dry out for about two and a half weeks, planted them in a little round seed sprouting disk, and wah-la!

Lemon Tree 2-1-2012 

6/7/2014 11:44:23 AM

I tried to grow a lemon tree at home some months ago but something went wrong and it died. Now I bought a couple of tools from and will try to grow a tree once more, after reading this tutorial I understood everything I needed to know and will make sure to grow a healthy lemon tree.