Green Your Life: Reusable Water Bottle Review: The ALEX Bottle

| 10/25/2010 11:08:48 AM

I still remember my first eco-friendly reusable bottle: a sleek, dark green stainless steel number that I got for Chanukah. That bottle went everywhere with me. Nestled in my car’s cup holder or in the bottle holder on my bike, I knew that I was making the world a healthier place with every sustainable sip. And there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it until it came to washing it out. As much as I loved that bottle, it was never as clean as I wanted it to be, especially if I filled it with anything other than filtered water. This is why I was intrigued when I caught wind of a different breed of reusable bottle that screws apart in the middle to allow for easy and thorough cleaning. Readers, allow me to introduce you to ALEX. 

ALEX (short for Always Live Extraordinarily), is a reusable bottle made of 100 percent BPA-free premium grade 304 stainless steel—50 percent of which comes from recycled materials. As opposed to their aluminum counterparts, stainless steel bottles are a healthier choice because they don’t leach dangerous toxins into your water, nor do they require any sort of inner lining, further reducing the number of chemicals you come in contact with. Stainless steel is also preferable because it does not leave your water with a metallic after-taste. 

ALEX water bottle 
ALEX is a reusable water bottle made from BPA-free stainless steel that unscrews in the middle for easy and effective cleaning. Photo By Dani Hurst.

While all those facts are important in making a decision about a reusable bottle, they are not the only reason to reach for an ALEX. The unique feature I favor the most is the ability to unscrew the bottle in the middle. Not only does it provide endless fidgeting fun, but it is also means I can get this bottle significantly cleaner than any other. When you can only clean through the narrow mouth at the top of the bottle, you’re forced to use harsh bristle brushes with long handles to scrub the lower nooks and crannies. But with ALEX, a simple twist is all it takes and you’re on your way to a squeaky clean bottle. ALEX also comes equipped with a silicon sealing ring that prevents leaks, which is also removable when a deep clean is in order. You can wash ALEX by hand (a true bonding experience), or simply pop it in the dishwasher if you’re short on time. And if for some reason you ever need to dispose of your beloved bottle, ALEX is 100 percent recyclable. 

The eco-consciousness doesn’t stop there. Because of its unique design, ALEX can be shipped in a box half its original size. When unscrewed, the bottom half fits snuggly into the top half, which greatly reduces necessary materials with every shipment. ALEX is also sent in 100 percent recycled polybags for even more sustainable shipping. 

ALEX comes in two sizes (20 oz and 32 oz) and is available in a variety of colors. Visit the ALEX bottle website for pricing information, use and care instructions or to learn more about the company (including its charitable contributions).