Green Your Life: Repurpose Your Extra Glass

| 8/23/2010 10:01:17 AM

Recycling your used glass is great, but repurposing it into something useful is even better.

Wine bottles

Wine bottles come in all shapes, sizes and colors, making them very versatile for repurposing.

deloach sauvignon blanc wine
Enjoy a few bottles of wine—and then repurpose the wine bottles! Photo By Laughing Squid/Courtesy Flickr. 

• Place empty wine bottles inside your boots when you’re not wearing them. This way, your boots won’t lose their shape or develop unwanted creases.

• Add a little color to any tabletop by arranging a simple flower bouquet inside a particularly unique wine bottle. If you like the glass but not the label, soak the wine bottle in warm water until the paper comes off. If there is still some residue, try rinsing with vinegar.