Green Your Life: Natural Dog Treats Review: Buck’s Biscuits Gourmet Dog Treats

| 8/24/2010 1:20:27 PM

Searching for a healthy treat for my dog, Phineas, is a frustrating process. Rifling through endless bags of expensive treats and scrutinizing their ingredient lists is no way to spend my time, so I want to bake homemade dog treats in my own kitchen. Until I find a recipe I like, I’ll be giving my pal the next best thing: Buck’s Biscuits Gourmet Dog Treats.

dog waiting for dog treats
My chief reviewer, Phineas, waits for his tasty treat as patiently as he can. These crunchy beef biscuits are his new favorite. Photo By Dani Hurst.

Buck’s Biscuits come in six enticing flavors: chicken, beef, lamb, liver, bison and peanut butter. Buck’s Biscuits are made with homemade broths and organic ingredients. Because they contain no preservatives, Buck’s Biscuits must be kept refrigerated. The beef treats, for instance, contain eight simple ingredients: farm raised beef, homemade stock broth, whole wheat flour, organic corn meal, raw wheat germ, canola oil, organic yogurt and free range eggs. In short, they’re the natural dog treats I want to make him myself.

In addition to the array of flavors, Buck’s Biscuits also come in a variety of sizes: tidbits (great for training), small, medium, large and x-large (by special order only.)

Buck’s Biscuits are homemade and handmade, so no two are exactly alike. Debbie Bowers, owner of Buck’s Biscuits, prepares the treats every week at her home in Chauncey, Ohio, using local meats and organic ingredients when she can. Buck’s Biscuits is licensed and inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, so you know her treats meet strict standards.

Buck’s Biscuits are available for order by calling Debbie at (740) 797-4845. Visit Buck’s Biscuits online to view prices, full ingredient lists, ordering info and photos of Debbie and her dogs.