Green Your Life: A Very Green Spring Break

| 3/23/2009 3:38:16 PM

Last week was spring break, and I had a blast. I also realized that while breaks are a great time to kick back and relax, that doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your eco-friendly lifestyle. Here is how I lived it up while keeping the planet in mind.

First, I drove up to Des Moines, Iowa, to see my boyfriend. My new car gets a little better gas mileage than my old one, but it’s still no hybrid. However, what made this trip particularly green was that I took on another passenger that was headed my way. A friend of mine needed a lift up there, so we went together instead of taking separate cars.

In Des Moines, my boyfriend and I spent much of the time doing things that required little to no external energy sources. We spent two afternoons feeding geese and ducks by a cemetery pond. This was a nice way to spend some time outside in the beautiful weather and to interact with nature. We walked to the grocery store and rode our bikes together just for fun. We watched Netflix movies that were shipped to my apartment instead of having to drive all over town looking for movies we wanted to watch. (While I understand that it still takes energy to ship these movies, we didn’t have to waste gas or time on our end, so I still think the effect is positive overall.) We also cooked outside on the grill a few times, alleviating the need to power up any electric appliances. And, when we weren’t doing any of those things, we were mostly just spending time together at home.

We drove back to Kansas mid-break to see his parents, and to chill out in Lawrence at my apartment. While in Lawrence, we spent two afternoons riding the tandem bicycle he bought us for our three-year anniversary. I like to call it “bike-pooling.”


Although this isn’t our exact tandem bicycle, this is what it looks like. Riding a tandem bicycle is an awesome way for two people to get somewhere and have fun in the process. By bert_m_b/Courtesy Flickr