Green Your Life: A Green Graduation Party

| 5/4/2009 3:51:37 PM

In a few weeks, I’ll be graduating from the University of Kansas. This graduation will mark the end of my college career as well as the end of my internship at Natural Home, but it won’t end with a fizzle. Instead, in an effort to combine these two momentous occasions, I’ll be hosting a green graduation party. I’ve learned so much about living a greener life while at Natural Home, and here are the things I’ll be considering when planning my eco-friendly bash:

Instead of buying fancy centerpieces, opt for a more natural (and earth-friendly) approach. Arrange in-season fruits and vegetables in bowls, and fill any empty spaces with potted plants and herbs. Photo by Cherry and Eric/Courtesy Flickr

Food and Drinks

-I’ve written a lot about buying organic and local foods, as well as about how to be a greener cook, and here’s my chance to finally practice what I’ve preached. Of all my green grocery tips, I’ll mainly be focusing on buying organic and in-season produce, and of course using all those canvas shopping bags I’ve been hoarding.

-When deciding what to serve, I’ll be looking up great finger food recipes. Finger foods are fun to eat, plus they cut down on the number of plates and utensils people use.

-With all the leftovers that I’m bound to end up with, this will be the perfect opportunity for me to start a compost pile instead of just throwing out all the extra food.