Green Travel: Top 10 Green Ski Resorts

| 9/23/2009 12:39:20 PM

For months now I’ve been yearning to see the mountains. My family used to spend every summer in Vail, Colorado, but it’s been nearly four years since my last trip—so I’ve been scheming about how I can get my friends to go. My best idea so far: a ski trip.

Autumn may just have begun, but it’s never too early to start planning a ski trip. As I began looking for green ski resorts, I ran across a list of the top ten green ski resorts from the Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition (SACC), a group that works to ensure ski areas are responsive to environmental concerns, local communities and the skiing public.

These ski resorts earned an A in sustainability—literally. Each of these American ski resorts received an A grade on SACC’s Ski Area Environmental Scorecard. The Scorecard rates 83 resorts in the West on issues such as environmental policies, renewable energy, waste stream management and preserving environmentally sensitive areas.

SACC’s top ten ski resorts are:

1. Aspen Mountain Ski Resort, Colorado

This resort’s solar photovoltaic system, hydroelectric plant, two LEED-certified buildings and climate change education campaign helped secure it the top spot on the list. The Aspen Skiing Company owns this mountain—as well as two other mountains on this list.