Green Kitchen: Healthy Road Trip Snacks

| 7/21/2009 10:57:34 AM

I love my car. It has always gotten me everywhere I need to go, and doesn’t complain if I sing loudly and off key. But lately I’ve been hanging out in it a little more than I like. Between three weddings, family visits, and friends who keep moving out of state, this has become a summer of road trips.

Even if I can’t cut down on the amount of traveling I have to do, at least I can try to make the rest of my trip as green as possible—beginning with the snacks I bring with me.

Whenever I go on a road trip, I always bring a thermos of something to drink with me. Not only does this save me money by keeping me from spending $4 at Starbucks, but it also generates less waste and is healthier. My favorite beverage is iced tea because it not only tastes good, but gives me a little bit of caffeine for the long stretches through Kansas cornfields.

Instead of grabbing a bag of chips to throw in the passenger seat, I’ve decided to try something a little healthier—and greener. I’m making my own trail mix. It’s simple and you can customize this recipe to fit your own tastes.

granola mixx
Homemade trail mix is a healthy road trip snack. Photo by cuttlefish/ Courtesy Flickr.

Begin with organic granola. I like to use a plain variety so I can add my own extras later. Trader Joe’s has a variety of granola cereals that work well. For one serving, I usually start with about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of granola, but you can always add more.

7/5/2014 8:01:24 AM

My niece gave me to eat a homemade trail mix she prepared when we had to stop at to fix the engine that did not want to start. I liked the taste so much that I asked her to write the recipe on a shit of paper so I could prepare it at home, I will follow your advice and use dried tart cherries, I bet the taste will be delicious.