Green House Girl 6: Mission Not-So-Impossible

| 10/14/2008 3:58:55 PM

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Well, I just visited the Show House again, and so much is happening that I never got around to interviewing various Boerum Hill residents (as previously planned). Here’s a quick rundown of the progress that’s been made inside and out:

 The structure’s original brick shell has been completely rebuilt and repointed.         

 The façade has been covered with Styrofoam (yep, Styrofoam) panels, which are crucial to LEED certification because they will effectively seal the building and prevent heat from escaping.

 Welders are installing “relief angles” (a.k.a. long L-shaped metal brackets) into the structure's façade to support the limestone blocks that will encase much of the exterior.

 Masons are simultaneously laying a lot of the limestone blocks. FYI, they’re being fortified with wire “shock absorbers,” which construction manager Dave Moreno told me will help the building withstand an earthquake. (Little known fact: New York City has a strict Seismic Code that builders must follow. At least seven fault lines cross Manhattan, the most active being the one on 125th Street. The city’s last significant quake occurred in 1884, and experts say we’re past due for another. Eek!)

 Installation of the ventilation and A/C ducts is continuing. (Note: I can’t call them “HVAC” ducts because the “H” is going to be in the floor in the form of warmboard radiant flooring.)