Green Artist Spotlight: Caroline Saule: Conjoined Bulbous Form

| 2/25/2009 2:49:23 PM

Caroline Saul uses recycled plastic milk jugs and other plastics as the main materials in her weightless sculptures. She creates “bulbous vessels” that range from small bowls to room-size installations. Regardless of the size, Saul gives each piece a finish that is unique to her style. Her body of work is visually coherent, as the viewer feels a part of her design process through the universal material choice and the easy, organic form.

The British designer creates sheets of plastic from recycled milk bottles. She blends fibers into some of the shapes, adds color to others and leaves some forms as white and translucent as the original material.

Conjoined Bulbous Form Photo Courtesy of Caroline Saul

Conjoined Bulbous Form is one of my favorite pieces as it morphs simple a object into a delicate, stimulating and inspiring form. Saul creates space throughout the pattern of cut out circles and the negative space between the two necks of the vessel. Her sophisticated use of space invites the viewer’s eye to wander in and out of this organic form. Although depth is difficult to achieve when you work with such an open object, Saul uses color to attain form and shallow depth

Recently Saul was selected by the Crafts Council to exhibit her work at Talente 2009 in Munich, Germany. The show will be March 11 through 17.

So what does the future hold for this budding artist? Entire days filled with making things and diving into the process, Saul says. We will see much more of her work as she has a strong desire to move towards lights and installations.