Green Architecture: Connect Your Home to Nature Part 2

| 7/12/2010 5:41:51 PM

We don’t need to be naturalists or biologists or mountain trekkers to open to our fullest, most innate self. We can live in the city or a hut in the woods—our situation isn’t important. What matters is our intention to revere and take our place within our ecosystem—the relationships of our family and community and natural world. To name a few ways:

• We can look at the moon at night and expand our mind to seeing the moon’s shape a result of the interplay of the sun and earth—the moonlight is the child of their interaction. 

• We can wake up in the morning as our body tells us, open our eyes to the sky and changing leaves and birds on their early chores and ponder our own thoughts.

• We can walk down a city street and watch the complex interplay of shades and shadows and reflections off glass buildings—all set into motion from a star millions of miles away. 

• We can enjoy the wisdom and yearnings of our bodies by listening to what it asks for rather than what our doctor tells us is good for us. 

• We can consider our homes vessels that puts us in a more intimate relationship with the world around us, rather than a hermetically sealed capsule consuming vast quantities of energy to fend off the elements around us.