Green Architecture: Connect Your Home to Nature

| 7/12/2010 5:27:35 PM

A tree or our beautiful garden is not nature until it’s integrated and understood as part of an ecosystem. While we have a natural world all around and within us, we are increasingly removed from the deeper rhythms and cycles and flow of our source. To note a few ways:

• Food is created in chemistry labs, and the meat we eat is only a commodity with no thought given to the animal’s lives. How can that possibly nurture us? 

• Many of us and our children especially spend almost no time outdoors, let alone in deep woods without the presence or sound of machines or glow of digital contraptions. 

• We take so many supplements and prescriptions our bodies are medical experiments. 

• We get in touch with nature through our screensavers and calendars without ever being in such places to listen to the animal’s calls or learn the names of the trees. We don’t notice the daily activities of the birds or recognize our shared ways of living with roaming creatures. 

• We seek continuous perfection and go to great efforts to create a highly ordered home rather than working with nature’s process of decay and new life.