Green Apple Recycling Program

| 5/4/2009 4:02:51 PM

According to those catchy computer commercials, there are only two types of people: Mac people and PC people. I am a Mac person.

PowerBook G4
Photo Courtesy Apple

I received my laptop, a PowerBook G4, in May 2004 as a high school graduation gift. My Mac has never crashed or lost any documents, and the battery life isn’t too bad. I used it throughout college and now that it has reached its 5-year mark, I think it might be time for a new Mac.

When buying a new computer people often give their old machines to computer-less friends or donate it local schools or libraries. I’ve researched the school and libraries in my area to see if they want my computer; however, they are deterred because it is too old or because it is a Mac. Depressed by the outcome, I found an alternative option to tossing my computer.

When you buy a new computer from the Apple store, you are eligible to participate in the Apple Recycling Program. The program has spread since 1994 to 95 percent of countries where Apple products are sold. The recycling program is so successful that it has redirected computers, monitors, iPods and most recently, iPhones, from landfills—83 million pounds of e-waste to be exact.

I like Macs for a couple of reasons. I use my computer for graphic design work and digital photo work, which is the first reason why Macs are perfect for my needs. Secondly, I like Apple’s environmental philosophy. Apple has banned lead, cadmium and short-chain chlorinated paraffins among many other substances in all of their products. In addition to eliminating many toxins, Apple has redesigned its products to be lighter and more compact to reduce the amount of material needed to build each product.

Do you have a Mac or a PC? What do you think about Apple’s environmental stand? What have you done with your old computer?