The Gift of Charity: Products that Give Back

| 12/8/2016 3:17:00 PM

Photo by Fotolia

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season? Consider giving a gift that will also help a deserving cause. Many companies have decided to do a little good this holiday season by donating part of their profits to a charity or by partnering with causes to help people in need. These gifts will make a difference this holiday while putting a smile on the face of the receiver.


1. Conscious Step Socks

These fashionable socks are designed with a specific cause in mind, and each pair makes a difference. The company partners with charities and non-profits to design a comfortable and environmentally friendly sock that symbolizes the cause, and then each purchase gives back. For example, one pair is a blue and gray paisley design with a water drop on it. The purchase of this pair will provide 18 months of safe water to a person who needs it. Other pairs fight hunger, plant trees and donate books. 


1/12/2018 3:03:21 AM

Thanks for sharing products which will be helpful in giving back to the charity. Donating small things to the charity makes a real big difference in someone's life, not only it gives you happiness, but donating such thing to those who are in extreme need, proves to be really helpful. I remember one of my relatives has donated chairs and tables to the Beninese school students, which proves to be beneficial for the students as well as schools too. By navigating this site one can also raise their helping hands for the African communities.