Getting Acquainted

| 3/21/2008 9:17:18 AM

I've been looking forward to starting this blog since we first began work on our website redesign -- which seems like ages ago, but was really only a couple of months. Since I first started with The Herb Companion in 2003, I've wished for more and better ways to connect with others who are interested in herbs and natural products, particularly when I find something I like really well or discover something that works. There's a lot that does work so the frustration has been mounting.

But ... no more. Through the magic of blogs, I now have the perfect means to have that conversation.

I'll admit it: I approach many natural products or health claims with a good bit of skepticism. Having been a journalist for longer than some of our staff has been alive, I have a keenly developed "Oh yeah? Prove it." response. So when I find out that an herb really is effective at helping with joint pain, or that taking this particular herbal tincture actually does seem to keep me from catching what's going around, I'm enthusiastic to the point of exuberance. This blog is a chance for me to share that enthusiasm.

My solemn promise is that I will only praise something in this blog if I've tried it or someone near and dear to me has tried it and we can vouch that it actually works. Although some of our advertisers' goods might end up mentioned here, it's not because they're from an advertiser, it's because they're effective, or smell great, or actually do enhance the flavor of food or the appearance of the garden.

Please come back often, comment as you will -- make suggestions if you are enthusiastic about something herby -- and we'll look forward to a lengthy and fruitful conversation about the best and most useful plants on the planet: herbs.