Get the Health Benefits of Lemon Water with True Lemon

| 6/5/2009 3:40:47 PM

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My doctor is always telling me to drink more water for its health benefits. However, I think water tastes boring; I prefer unhealthy soda. So instead, he suggested I pour some lemon juice in my water to give it that sweeter taste I desire.

According to LifeMojo, there are tons of health benefits from lemon juice. Simply squeeze fresh lemon into a glass of water, tea, or even your food and you’re on your way to an array of health benefits. Lemon juice can help prevent cancer, cleanses the liver, is packed with antioxidants, soothes cuts and burns, is a great source of vitamin C, and boosts the immune system. Also, if you switch from soda to lemon water, it can be used as an added treatment toward weight loss or diabetes management.

A problem a lot of people run into (including me) is keeping your lemons fresh. Within the last year or two I have discovered this awesome product called True Lemon Crystallized Lemon Substitute. As opposed to bottled lemon juice, this product contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and, in my opinion, tastes better. I add it to my water everyday and it helps me drink a lot more water.


It may seem a little pricey at your local market, but it is cheaper to buy in bulk online on their True Lemon website. The website offers recipes that use True Lemon as an ingredient, free samples and includes more information about their other products True Lime, True Orange and True Lemon Naturally Sweet.