Food for Thought: Are You Eating at the Right Time?

| 5/26/2010 9:47:13 AM

Stephanie Small

Stephanie Small is founder of Three Sisters Nutrition, a phone-based practice helping women improve their relationship with food, and blogs for holistic weight loss site 9 Weight Loss.

Are you familiar with Sumo? It’s a form of Japanese wrestling, and participants are on the enormous side. Certainly, they eat as much as they can, and drink lots of beer to encourage protruding bellies. However, some of their weight-gaining tricks have to do with how they time their dining. Here are two of their most important practices:

1. Skip breakfast. Sumo wrestlers know that in order to keep their metabolism low, they should overlook this important meal and proceed directly to lunch.

2. Overeat at night. By consuming a large, late dinner and then going directly to sleep, Sumos challenge their digestion and ensure more of their feast is stored as fat.

Is the typical American so different from a Sumo wrestler?