First Steps Toward Sustainable Living

| 1/12/2018 2:10:00 PM

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Photo by Getty Images/jcarillet

Statistics about New Year’s resolutions … are not so hopeful. Surveys show that only about 8 to 9 percent of people actually accomplish them. Most will drop them by February. I’ve had my fair share of failed resolutions: writing projects abandoned, workout regiments scrapped, travel plans faded after financial realities reveal themselves. So when I sat down to create my annual collection of resolutions, I didn’t want sustainable living to be on there.

I feel like if I look at this plan as a “resolution,” I might treat it like some of my failed ones and not approach it as seriously or with long-term in mind. That’s why, as we step into this new year with the hope to shrink our ecological footprint, we’re not going to see it as a resolution we’re free to take or leave without consequence. For me, I want to see this as a new way of living that will remain the rest of my life. And because this is a lifetime commitment and not just a one-year goal, I was resolute to take my time, do my research, persevere, and enjoy the journey. No matter what other resolutions you may or may not have, I hope you’re ready to jump into sustainable living with me!

This post is part of my ecological footprint and sustainable living blog series. If you need to catch up, begin with my first post, "Tracking Our Ecological Footprint."

Making Goals

This post is meant to be the stepping stone into more detailed ones for the future. So before we tackle any of the big issues, we’re first going to address exactly how we begin something as big as sustainable living.