Financial Crisis, Bailout, $700 Billion: How to Chillax

| 10/1/2008 9:37:07 AM

September ... long month, no? The election frenzy is roiling; the DOW keeps tanking as the $700 billion bailout plan goes to vote in Washington; banks are scared to lend each other money, causing over-leveraged companies to hit a brick wall; the President is on TV telling us that, indeed, there are problems afoot. 

But really, there isn't much for private citizens to actually be doing about this particular snafu as it goes completely fubar. While you wait for the results of the new bailout vote in the senate this evening, take a deep breath. Try to chill out. Relax. Read a chapter of your favorite book. Sweat it out on a nice long walk in the fall weather. Make your favorite comfort soup. Most importantly? Make yourself a cup of tea.

Does this advice sound ridiculous and inane to you? It is, in the sense that it's just basics. Things are nuts. Have some tea and relax so that you are functioning on a sound decision-making level. Are you sitting around your house, panicking quietly as you check the newspaper? Tea. Definitely. Are you running around solving problems? Herbal teabag. Hot water. Travel Mug. 5 minutes to steep. You'll feel better, and you'll have more reserves to call upon when you need them.

This writer took a delicious cup of Numi Simply Mint organic tea to an afternoon meeting yesterday, and it was refreshing and relaxing amid the stacatto news reports.

Today I'm sipping delcious Naked Strawberry Green Tea from Fully Loaded Tea. The caffeine is low, the fruit flavor is subtle and wholesome, and I'm sure by the time I'm down to the dregs I will be ready to confront what the media has to tell me.

Fully Loaded Tea