Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees: Live or Artificial?

| 12/10/2009 3:03:40 PM

Because of space limitations and the fact that I always go to my parents' house for Christmas, I’ve never bought my own Christmas tree. This year I’ve moved to a different place where I have space for a tree. I’d like to get my own Christmas tree, but I don’t know which is more eco-friendly: an artificial tree or a real tree

Even though my father has allergies, my family has always displayed a live tree, which before our hectic lives set in we hand-picked (and sawed down) from a nearby Christmas tree farm, so I’m naturally inclined to pick a live tree. However, I recently acquired an artificial tree from my aunt, and although I had to sell it (I didn’t know it was 9 feet tall before I brought it home!), that has gotten me thinking about the advantages of an artificial tree as well.

I did some research on the subject, and here’s what I found about eco-friendly Christmas trees:

Artificial Trees


Allergy-free: Artificial trees are good for people who have allergies or asthma, or people who are allergic to terpene, a substance found in the oil or sap of many Christmas trees. My current roommate has allergies, so an artificial tree might be a better choice for us.