Host a Green New Year's Eve Party

| 12/27/2010 4:48:00 PM

Time to pop open the bubbly, don ridiculous hats and make resolutions—it’s New Years! Whether you’re enjoying a nice quiet evening at home or hosting a party, consider these tips for throwing a greener New Year’s Eve party:


Lighting: Good lighting goes a long way toward setting the mood at a party. If you’re looking for decorative lighting, look no further than Natural Home’s DIY lighting projects. Craft a chandelier from baby food jars, plastic cups or cut glass. For a softer look, decorate plain paper lantern shades and hang them around the room.

paper lantern shades 
Spruce up plain paper lantern shades with a few dabs of paints. Photo By Susan Wasinger. 

Candles: Tea lights and votives make for the simplest and easiest of party decorations. Consider the health of the planet, as well as your own health, and choose soy, beeswax or palm wax candles. GoodLight Natural Candles sells sustainably harvested palm wax tea lights and votives in bulk, making it easy to decorate for less.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, make your own elegant, conical candles using stubs of old candles and a kitchen funnel. Need candleholders? Create your own candleholders using old wine bottles and a glass-cutting kit.