DiggersList Brings Discounted Home Improvement Items to New Cities

| 3/2/2011 11:21:20 AM

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with the leftover tile from your bathroom remodel or that outdated refrigerator hogging space in the corner of your garage, DiggersList is the tool for you. DiggersList offers online home improvement classifieds in cities across the country, making it easier to remodel or improve your home for less while reusing or responsibly getting rid of excess building materials.

building materials 
Leftover building materials? Sell them on DiggersList. Photo By Jerrold Bennett/Courtesy Flickr.

When DiggersList launched in October 2009, the website only covered nine cities. Within a year, DiggersList expanded to 43 cities—but the website continued receiving requests from all over the country to open up in new cities. This week DiggersList unveiled its new website that expands its services to anywhere in the country. The new site uses geo-locating technology to determine a visitor’s location then show them home improvement items available in their area.

DiggersList has also teamed up with Habitat for Humanity ReStores to boost its inventory of discounted home improvement items, from appliances and flooring to paint, plumbing and hardware.

Looking for something for your next remodeling project? Check out DiggersList and see if you can find it for less!

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