Daydreams of Natural Spaces Part One

| 4/13/2009 3:10:09 PM

I will be taking a hiatus from my usual Green Artist Spotlight postings to share the slow transformation that is occurring in my living room and kitchen.

s. williams

Two weeks ago I moved into this old beautiful home with cream-colored walls and rich hardwood floors. After I unpacked the boxes, I realized that I had enough furniture for my bedroom and small office space. Living in the dorms throughout college has resulted in a minimal, mismatched furniture collection. The thought of an empty kitchen and living room sparked a strand of daydreams of the pieces that would one day fill the space.

When I was in Italy a few years ago, one of my Italian friends told me “new furniture was the death of a room and old furniture gives character and context to the space.” Although this is a little extreme, the message stuck with me. Now that I have my own space, I decided that I would fill these rooms with furniture that is either salvaged, hand-crafted or environmentally friendly. Although I’m no seamstress, handyman or woodcrafter, I’m going to make or embellish these pieces as much as possible—making them my own.

The search began after my first dinner in my new home. My boyfriend and I sat on the floor and used a crumbling moving box as a table—very romantic! First, I needed a table and chairs. I explored a few interior design blogs for inspiration then went to the Goodwill and various antique stores. After too many hours spent on craigslist, I found this five-year-old wooden table set for a great price.

sn table

If everything goes to plan, I’ll show you my coffee table made out of an old window next week. Do you have any ideas for my very empty space? Share your ideas and thoughts by leaving me a comment or dropping me an email (snelson[at]