Cute Find: Wooden Fairy Doors

| 4/14/2010 4:34:00 PM

GinaHerb Companion readers love fairy gardens and anything to do with faeries. And why shouldn't they? Just look at these miniature doors. They are perfect for any fairy-sized garden. (Learn how to garden with fairies.)

These doors seem enchanted, almost like they can transport you to anywhere that's magical. Place your fairy door against a tree or position it amidst your favorite herbs. Thanks Etsy!

The appeal of this door is its old-school charm.
The lion head door knocker is picture perfect. $13.

Courtesy Etsy/Photo by NothinButWood 

What's unique about this colorful, whimsical door is that it's reversible. $6.
Courtesy Etsy/Photo by LovingLeeCrafted 

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