Cute Find: Herb Cupcake

| 11/24/2010 12:04:17 PM

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GinaWe love this idea, courtesy cheeky magpie.

Whether you're looking for a miniature-sized gift to hand out at parties or earthy treats to decorate your windowsill, this herb cupcake belongs in your home. And although it's not a savory treat, it's delightful and simple to make. Just gather a handful of soil and pack it into your most decorative paper baking cup. Next, plant some of your favorite herb seeds and enjoy until they're ready for transplanting! (Don't forget to include a handmade label to add that "there's no place like home" feel.)

If you came here thinking you would find a recipe for a delicious herb-infused cupcake, fear not! Try our Lemon Thyme Cupcakes.

11-24-herb cupcake
This herb cupcake is calorie-free and so darn cute!
Photo courtesy
cheeky magpie 

Do you have any cute gardening finds? Leave me a comment or send your find to—we may post it in one of our blogs!

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