Chasing away colds and flu

| 5/12/2008 10:22:32 AM

Last weekend my band performed for a festival in southern Missouri. One of our band mates had a terrible cold and probably should have stayed home under the covers. But, being a trouper, she marched on and we were able to do our show. Being in a band is like being in a family, however, so bugs end up getting shared as much as music does. Two more of our five-member group fell during the week, but I was sure I had dodged the bullet.

Then, Saturday morning I woke up sneezing and was instantly filled with dread. It sneaked up on me while I slept! Oh, no! 

However, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I did what has now become standard procedure whenever I feel threatened by any kind of communicable disease: I reached for my ImmunAid, a potent tincture created by Teeter Creek Herbs in Ava, Missouri. In my office, I keep a similar bottle called ImmunoBoost, by Herbs, Etc. and both contain the same basic immune warriors: astragalus and Echinacea. The ImmunAid contains shitake and maitake mushrooms; ImmunoBoost contains osha root. Both tinctures are simply amazing. A dropperful in a little water every hour or so and soon, whatever bug had been threatening me has beat a hasty retreat.

It's a little disappointing, however. I was sort of looking forward to a couple of days off, nursing a cold, staying under the covers, reading other people's magazines and drinking hot tea. Now, I have a minor case of the sniffles and am plugged into my computer here at work, being productive. Oh, well ...

I want to buy this stuff by the gallon so everyone in my office and in my life can take it at will. It's truly effective if you get high-quality products and make sure to use it -- consistently and often -- at the first sign that you might be getting sick. Other companies manufacture similar mixtures -- these are just two that my local health food store carries from companies I trust. HerbPharm, which is one of the best herb companies in the country, also has one called Immunattack Compound that I haven't tried, but that sounds great. The important thing is that the tincture contains well-prepared, high-quality ingredients in sufficient quantities to call your body's own healing ability into action.  

Once more, I'm affirmed in my belief that everything we need to be healthy is in the garden, if we only have the wit and the commitment to seek it out.