Charity Spotlight: CARE

| 12/9/2016 10:15:00 AM

Image courtesy CARE

This issue's charity: CARE

Why they’re crucial: In the world’s poorest communities, women and girls bear the strongest burdens of poverty.  When families struggle to grow food to eat or save money to send children to school, girls are often the first to be kept home. CARE works in developing communities around the globe to reduce poverty, build infrastructure and provide emergency aid, with a particular focus on educating and advocating for women and girls.  

What they do:  

• Partner with communities and local groups to prepare for disasters, and provide immediate assistance when emergencies hit.
• Provide recovery services to disaster survivors in countries around the world, including the Phillippines, Haiti and countries in Africa and the Middle East.
• Provide medical, legal, psychosocial and protection services to victims of gender-based violence in more than 40 countries.
• Create community savings and loan programs in 26 African countries that allow members to pool savings and loan each other money to pay for health care, start businesses and cover education costs.

Did you know? In Kenya, for every 10 young men infected with HIV, there are 45 infected young women. 

To donate to CARE, visit or call (800) 521-CARE (U.S.) or (404) 681-2552