Celebrate Earth Day Every Day With These Eco-Friendly Challenges

| 4/5/2018 3:20:00 PM

April is upon us and soon,Earth Day and Arbor Day will follow. We must look beyond these two days to show our appreciation of the Earth: Every day should be Earth Day! One of the many ways we can help protect the environment is to take control of our consumption. It is actually our rampant consumption that is harming the Earth. From the endless amounts of stuff we buy and throw away to our reliance on single-use convenience plastic to the constant need to upgrade to the latest device, it is time to take a step back and reflect on how our personal actions the other days of the year is helping or endangering the Earth.

With that, I want to highlight a few projects that will help change the way you think about consumption. I always encourage my readers over at The Do Something Project to take on projects for themselves as a way to learn and take on habits. Last month, we covered ways to practice a more minimalist approach to the closet. This month is all about being kinder to the planet.


By now you’ve probably seen the many news reports and startling statistics about plastic pollution. Sadly, our reliance on plastic is destroying our bodies, animal and marine life, and destroying the earth. This year, the Earth Day Network is running a campaign for a World Without Plastic Pollution. It’s using Earth Day 2018 to elevate the issue of plastic pollution to a global audience.

I encourage you to pledge and commit to reducing the use of plastic in your life. No, it’s not easy, but small changes multiplied by millions of people will make an impact. Take the #PlasticFreeChallenge and challenge yourself to skip the plastic and find a more eco-friendly alternative. This can be as simple as bringing your own reusable water bottle everywhere you go, asking for “no straw” in your drinks and bringing your reusable bags when grocery shopping. Doing a challenge like this is an eye opening experience. While we may not be able to do away with plastic completely, it’s important to take on new habits so that the next Earth Day is one that has less plastic pollution. Head to My Plastic Free Life for ways to reduce plastic and of course check #plasticfreechallenge across your social media platforms to find ideas on plastic alternatives and for a community of helpful individuals.

Switch to a reusable, plastic free water bottle.


The next challenge is all about reducing waste. The idea is to reduce the amount of waste you produce by following the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot as championed by Zero Waste Home. The goal is to send as few items to the landfill as possible. Due to rampant production and consumption we send a lot of items to the landfill when they still have a lot of life to them. The goal of the #ZeroWasteChallenge is to reduce the amount of waste you generate given where you are in the world and what resources are available to you.