Building for the Environment: The Economic Environment

| 9/9/2010 3:38:26 PM

Fred Koch

Fred Koch, owner of KOCH Development, is both LEED- and Build it Green-certified and holds a bachelor's degree from Cal State University Dominguez Hills.

As a green builder in southern California with LEED and Build it Green credentials, I continuously challenge myself to save my clients money while saving the environment.

My strategy for saving clients money comes from my dedication to being in the field (I’ve been labeled as “a quarterback not a coach); you can almost always find me at the worksite applying one of the main green cornerstones—payback analysis. This is particularly effective now because everyone’s goal is saving instead of spending.

That creates the green building challenge. My company, KOCH Development, is unique because our approach is to do as much as we can with the least. This generally begins with dismantling rather than demolishing the structure we’re greening! We typically reuse the wood—twice. The first use is for forming concrete, and after we clean forms, we use it for framing blocking, studs or floor/ceiling joists. The key to this is to use Duogard water-based form-release agent on the surface of the wood. This replaces traditional form oil (or even diesel) so the wood is structurally and aesthetically sound to be reused throughout the structure during build-out. The wood is virtually odorless and free of toxin! This keeps indoor air quality as pristine as possible by limiting the number of VOCs released.

In future blog posts I’ll share other smarter, wiser ways to save money while being environmentally responsible—making it a win-win for all!