Beauty Review: Emmett Cooper Haircare

| 9/3/2010 3:00:57 PM

GinaIf you’re on the lookout for a vegan hair care product that garners the same results as high quality salon products, you’re in luck. Emmett Cooper Haircare is just that.

Emmett Cooper and Naieem Abdool, the founders of Emmett Cooper Haircare, say they teamed up to create products that would make them better at their craft: styling and coloring hair. Their products are vegan, made with certified organic ingredients and bottled in recyclable packaging. Best of all? They are infused with herbs! From their line of hair care products, I got to try their Clarify Wash and Hydration Rinse.

emmett cooper haircare 2
Photo courtesy Emmett Cooper Haircare. 

The Clarify Wash, which is designed for all hair types, is formulated with peppermint, aloe, sage and tea tree extracts. Aloe and tea tree are widely known for their skin healing properties. Sage has strong cleansing properties and is also a popular ingredient in many hair rinses. However, it’s the addition of peppermint in the wash that makes it an instant energizer. The scent is both powerful and intriguing.

Still, the standout product for me was the company’s Hydration Rinse. I felt like I was having my hair done by a professional hair stylist each time I used it. Leave it in your hair for about three to five minutes while you lather up with your favorite body wash, then rinse for super soft locks.

This rinse is made with marigold, sage and yarrow vitamins as well as burdock and fenugreek extracts. Burdock is a lesser known herb that is used to treat a variety of skin problems including acne, eczema, psoriasis or skin infections. Fenugreek, another lesser known herb, is also used treat eczema.