At My Place: Spring Vegetable Gardening

| 3/30/2009 9:44:34 AM


I have to admit it: I’m full of beans when it comes to gardening. I swore that this year, no really, I was only going to grow a few herbs in pots. No time for a real garden. No energy for a real garden. No interest in a real garden. No sirreebob.

And then, the seed catalogs came. It only took two—living proof of how easily swayed I can be. The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company and Kitazawa Seed Company’s catalogs came my way and soon, I was a goner.

From Baker Creek, I ordered Atomic Red and Lunar White carrots, plus a couple of varieties of parsnips. From Kitazawa, too many items to mention, all in the turnip, radish and melon families. My neighbor Nancy and I are sharing a garden space, and she had purchased lots of radishes, too. So we may be buried in radishes very soon, and I have no idea how to preserve any of them. Does anyone out there have any radish-keeping tricks to share? 

Baker Carrots
Left to right: Atomic Red carrots, Lunar White carrots (

Now, I’ve gotten all fascinated by the straw-bale garden mentioned on the Nichols Garden Nursery site and am considering what else I might plant there. Beans, I think, which can twine around on the fence, and also peas. Both Baker Creek and Kitazawa have some great-looking greens, and I’m fairly sure they’ll grow in a straw-bale garden. Maybe some cherry tomatoes and basil (all I need now is a garden that can grow buffalo mozzarella and my summer diet is set!)