5 Green Myths

| 3/12/2013 4:17:00 PM

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Although a variety of polls illustrate that environmental consciousness is at an all-time high around the country, there is still a resistance to change. Driving this resistance is bad information; outdated, now-irrelevant facts have become cultural truisms. Below are the 5 most pervasive myths about an eco-friendly lifestyle—and the real information to refute them.

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Green Myth #1: "Going green, building green, living green is so expensive."

Not anymore. Five years ago eco-friendly products and services were priced higher than traditional products and services. However, as demand for these products grew, the pricing lowered and is now competitive. In addition, government tax incentives for green building or remodeling have significantly leveled the playing field. In addition, one must consider the life cycle costs of a green investment. If it does cost more upfront, what are you getting in return? Improved indoor air quality (which can augment good health and contribute to increased productivity)? Utility bill savings? Tax credits?

Green Myth #2: "The green lifestyle is so overwhelming; you have to commit so much time and energy to it."

Many people think that going green is an all or nothing proposition. That not only do you have to recycle, but that you also have to remodel, compost your waste, take your own shopping bags to the store, etc. to truly make a difference. The intensity of the green movement has, in some way, contributed to this anxiety about green. The truth is, going green is a process and can only be done little by little. Start by taking your own shopping bags to the grocery store. The next time you need a new furnace or water heater, consider replacing it with a higher efficiency model. Instead of thinking about redoing your entire house, commit to using non-toxic finishes and paints. Little by little, green choices will become automatic—and easy to make and implement.

rebekah wilce
4/2/2013 3:00:26 PM

Have you priced out more environmentally sound building materials lately? Tell me again that the prices are competitive and I'll show you my flying pig. I think in many cases the additional price is worth it -- at least, for our gradual, self-done remodel of a small hundred-year-old house -- but frankly, not in all. This warrants a much more nuanced discussion than a short paragraph.

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