4 Swap Party Ideas

| 12/23/2013 10:56:00 AM

When the weather is drab, we can crave something (anything) new. Try these four swap party ideas as a way to get friends together, make a change and stay in good financial shape doing it.

Friends Having Dinner
Photo by iStockphoto

1. Soup Swap: Sick of the same old winter menu at home? Curb the urge to dine out with a soup swap party: Have each attendee bring a pot of their favorite soup and a set of food-storage containers (canning jars work great). Line up the soups, and let the tasting commence! Everyone can pack up some of each soup to take home and leave with a variety of new soups to savor over the coming week.

2. Clothing Swap: How often do de-cluttering and parties come together? Tell your friends to pack their unwanted clothes (we all have that skirt that fits awkwardly stashed in the back of the closet). Pool the goods and let everyone swap it up! Cast-offs from one closet become new favorites in another, and everyone ends up with something new for a great price: zero dollars.

3. Kids’ Toy Swap: Gather moms of kids in a range of ages, and have everyone bring items their kids no longer use. You’ll leave feeling lighter, and armed with plenty of entertainment for your little ones through the rest of the winter.

4. Book Swap: Looking for a new page-turner to stimulate winter nights? Get your friends together for a book swap. Over warm drinks, sort through the offerings until everyone leaves with the glow of time spent with friends—and new books.