Living Future 2009: The UnConference for Deep Green Professionals – Day Two

Blogger Laurie Dickson is blogging from the Living Future “unconference” in Portland, Oregon, this weekend. Living Future is devoted to promoting innovative green design that focuses on real solutions for real planetary problems.

Day Two: May 8 

8 a.m.
Thomas Crum

Every good building is a collaboration of ideas, concepts, and people working together, but sometimes in the collaboration conflict arises. Not missing a beat, the Deep Green thinkers at the 2009 Living Future conference want to make sure that you have the tools to effectively deal and more importantly, learn from the stress and conflicts. Thomas Crum begins the morning, (600 building professionals) with exercises to enhance our awareness about reducing stress and therefore potential conflicts with coworkers, spouses and associates. The core of his work emanates from his Aikido training and mastery. His books include Three Deep Breaths, Understanding the Magic of Conflict, Mind-Body Training – A Journey to Center

And how does this relate to our sustainable building sessions this week? As Thomas says, “Creating a space for centering and meditation is essential to our well being. Our spaces can enhance or detract from our ability to remain centered. Our homes and our spaces can support peaceful conflict resolution.” 

12 p.m.
Jason McLennan

The backbone and the creator of the event is a remarkable man, Jason McLennan, considered one of the most influential individuals in the green building movement today. He is CEO of the Cascadia Green Building Council, author of The Philosophy of Sustainable Design, and most recently, the founder of the Living Building Movement.

The principles of Living Building begin “to define the highest measure of sustainability attainable in the built environment based on the best current thinking.” 

Living Buildings are the new green building standard to achieve in our buildings. Breathing, life generating, net-zero energy, beautiful-built environments. It is the reason all these professionals have gathered in Portland; to attain a new level of brilliance in all of our homes, offices, schools and communities. Living Buildings is the evolving pinnacle and the Living Building Institute has launched to assist the professionals in the designs that will carry us into a healthy, verdant and sustainable world.

Published on May 15, 2009

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