Household Uses for Salt (Video)

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Household Uses for Salt (Video)

Learn how to use salt in natural homemade cleaners and home body care.

By Gina DeBacker

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A staple in most any pantry, salt is one of those items that you can use time and time again. But beyond flavoring foods, salt has myriad uses around the home. This mineral is a natural abrasive, which makes it excellent for homemade cleaners. Use it in DIY scrubbing cleaners to clean surfaces with caked-on food. On top of that, salt can effectively soak up stains, treat canker sores and brighten clothes. In this video, Associate Editor Gina DeBacker demonstrates a few household uses for salt. Learn how to use salt in chlorine-free cleaners, boost the vibrancy of clothes, relieve sore throats, improve oral health and shell nuts.

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You don’t need to buy every product from every infomercial to get your house in order. A variety of everyday items likely already stockpiled in your home can be used to help you clean, treat skin, fix food and solve most other problems. Have fun learning about the various ways you can use household staples such as vinegar, honey, salt, sugar, lemons and baking soda. With these simple life hacks you can keep your family healthy by avoiding toxic chemicals—and save money while you’re at it!

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Published on Oct 31, 2014

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