Guru Donuts: Sweets Done Right in Boise

As tourists and travelers, we can make a profound difference within the environment by choosing to visit destinations and business that support a sustainable environment—Guru Donuts is one of those businesses. Voted repeatedly as the best donuts in Idaho, by Only in Your State and others, there are many reasons why the downtown Boise shop fits seamlessly into an eco-tourism itinerary.

Locally Driven

Businesses and growers are completely intertwined in Boise—it’s quite common to see one restaurant featuring something from another and regional ingredients dominating menus. The masterminds behind Guru Donuts knew that their flavors must come naturally, from nearby markets and farmers. Every morning, local flour, eggs, and other closely-sourced ingredients are blended into several mouth-watering variations. Guru Donuts credits the community with their overwhelming success, so they work in return to roll out amazing treats and make environmentally responsible decisions.

Further demonstrating the deep community ties, you can find Guru Donuts at the Boise Co-Op, Indulge Boise, Frog’s Fix Coffee Parlor, and Caffeina Roasting Co.

Vegan Selections

Aside from solid old-fashioned cake and raised variations, Guru features a dreamy vegan line made with flax, coconut milk, and demerara sugar—honestly, these may be better than the ones made with eggs and dairy. While flavors interchange seasonally, the Hipsterberry seems to always be on the menu, and is drenched with a blueberry, blackberry, and lavender glaze. The Alice Wonderland raised donut is their take on birthday cake, and the Cinnamon Sugar Twist is warm and traditional.

During each season and on holidays, they are always cooking up something really cool, like Rootbeer Float, Nutella Chocolate Chip, and Raspberry Lemonade flavors!

Sustainable Coffee

Donuts and coffee go hand in hand, and the sustainably selected blends pair perfectly with vegan, locally-sourced donuts. Medium roasted Columbia Huila and the bold Organic Big Timber Blend are both roasted in Sandpoint, Idaho, and if you want something more elaborate, the cinnamon-infused Cubano or a latte with house-made syrup hits the spot. Snake River Teas, also local of course, are amazing as well.


Another common, environmentally conscious practice you’ll notice is that many businesses share spaces. Guru Donuts is located inside the castle-like, French Chateau-style Idanha Hotel, which has been preserved since its opening in 1901. A lot of the original feel resides within the shop, which has plenty of seating to accommodate the constant flow of sugar lovers.

If you think you might like to plan an eco-tourism trip to Boise, their site has an extensive database for researching restaurants, hotels, museums, outdoor activities, and other things to do. It’s an incredible city that’s intertwined with nature and sustainability—and amazing donuts.

Published on Aug 13, 2018

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