Which Countertop Surface is Right for Me?

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EcoTop Surfaces countertops are made with a blend of bamboo and post-consumer recycled paper fibers.
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Kirei bamboo countertops use little or no formaldehyde to bind the wood.

Natalie Freidberg, a green building consultant with All Shades of Green, a sustainable living center in Los Angeles, suggests asking yourself the following questions before you buy any material.

? Where is it made? “You want to find, if possible, things that are sourced and manufactured locally,” Freidberg says.

? How will you use it?  Are you willing to use a chopping board or put a drip tray under a bottle of olive oil or red wine?

? Is it potentially toxic? “Make sure it’s nontoxic and not outgassing anything into your home,” Freidberg says. “It doesn’t matter how beautiful it is if it makes you sick.”

Published on Feb 23, 2009

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