6 Reasons You Should Follow Your Dreams and Start a Farm

Many people go through life the same way. It’s expected that everyone goes to college, earns a degree and then works a full-time position. That may mean you’ve ended up in an office setting. And while the job pays your bills, you long for something more fulfilling.

You’re not alone. Plenty of people feel the same way about their full-time jobs. The good news is that working in your current job doesn’t have to be your future. You can always follow your dreams and start a farm.

Farming may seem like something you have to be born into to be successful at, but that’s not true. With some time spent researching and learning, anyone can run a farm and make a living doing it.

Check out these six reasons you should follow your dreams and start a farm. The right motivation will help you finally put in your two weeks’ notice at your current job, so you can finally start working on something you’re passionate about.

1. You Should Feel Fulfilled

No one enjoys working a job that leaves them feeling miserable. If you dread going to work on Sunday nights or feel like you can breathe again when you clock out every day, you’re working one of those jobs.

Figuring out how to leave your job can be difficult. It may never feel like the right time to go when you have constant deadlines, projects and team members depending on you. Even if that’s the case for you, you still have to think about yourself first. Your mental health is vital to maintain, and it can be badly damaged by working a job you hate.

Ohio State University recently published a study where they reviewed the job satisfaction of young adults and checked back in after the subjects turned 40. It turns out that working a job that made them miserable made the subjects more susceptible to mental health issues later on in life.

Starting your own farm will benefit your mental health just by making you happier on a daily basis.

2. Farming Helps Your Community

In urban areas, some people struggle to access food regularly. They may not be able to afford what’s in the grocery store or even drive to town often because of the distance.

Starting your own farm helps your community in so many ways. Because the produce won’t need to be shipped in, the overall price will be greatly reduced compared to what’s available at your local grocery stores. More people will be able to afford it, too, resulting in more business for you.

You may also end up employing locals to help run your farm when it gets big enough. You’ll single-handedly help reduce the unemployment rate in your area, which goes on to help those people and their families.

3. Farms Create Legacies

Many people work full-time jobs that they hate because they’re determined to leave something for their kids. If they work their job long enough, they’ll build up savings that can then go on to their kids when they pass.

Farms will help you do this too, plus pass on other benefits. A legacy farm will keep your children employed and making money, so they’ll never have to worry about working a job that makes them miserable.

A farm can also be passed down to their kids, and the kids that follow after them. Running a successful farm creates a legacy that will help the generations that follow in your footsteps.

4. You’ll Be Your Own Boss

For some people, the idea of being your own boss is much more appealing than working for someone else. There’s power that comes with being in control of your schedule and your own paycheck.

If you want to feel reassured that you know what your future holds for you, being your own boss on your farm could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Always remember that even when your farming experience begins, you don’t have to be alone. Network with other farmers to have a support group for those moments when you encounter new challenges.

You also don’t have to feel like you have to start your farm on your own, even if you’re the one in charge. There are USDA rural loans that can help, which have already provided more than $20 billion to U.S. families since 2014.

5. Farming Helps the Environment

Farming may interest you because it can help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. When you’re not buying products from farms that have used chemical fertilizers and gas to transport the food, you’re minimizing your carbon footprint.

Starting your own farm helps the environment in so many ways. One of the biggest is by reducing the impact of the transportation sector. Electric power used to emit the most CO2 in the U.S. But in 2017, the transportation sector overpassed it with 1.9 billion tons of CO2.

Selling your produce locally will reduce how much food needs to be transported to your town, minimizing the town’s CO2 footprint. You can also help the environment by avoiding chemical plant sprays and rotating yearly crops.

6. Farming Can Be Personalized

One of the most boring aspects of a traditional 9-5 job is that you’re stuck doing the same routine every day. While minor elements of the job may change, you can still anticipate doing the same thing when you clock in.

When you run a farm, you can change things up if you ever get bored. There are plenty of different types of produce you can try to grow, as well as livestock you may want to take care of.

You can also participate in farmers’ markets in different areas, so you can widen your customer base. Then there are the exciting changes that will come as your farm grows, like expanding your fields and upgrading your supplies.

Once you start your farm, there are so many benefits that you’ll discover along the way. Helping your community, improving your mental health and protecting the environment are just a few of the things that will make your old full-time job a distant memory.

Published on Sep 10, 2019

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