Weed & Water Wednesday: Fall and Winter Veggie Gardening

| 10/19/2011 3:13:19 PM

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Well, with last night being the first night temperatures dipped down to freezing here in northeast Kansas, there's no more denying it: Fall is very much upon us! We've been having 80-degree days up until this week (which is fine for me, as I'm a summer person!), but cool temperatures seem to be here to stay. It might seem a difficult time to write my first Weed & Water Wednesday blog about gardening, but no! Serious veggie gardening addicts don't have to give up the sweet pursuit just because Halloween is nigh. With some basic preparation and crop covers, you can continue to grow cold-hardy veggies and herbs into the winter. Cold-hardy crops such as lettuces, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots and cabbage can grow in winter's chilly temperatures. Check out this article--and excerpt from Eliot Coleman's book The Winter Harvest Handbook--if you're interested in fresh, homegrown vegetables gracing your Thanksgiving table. He also gives some great advice on building inexpensive, low tunnels to protect crops in this article.  And, regardless of whether you plan to grow food into winter, prep your garden beds for a stellar spring with our fall gardening checklist.  

Happy fall gardening!

Fall garden 

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