Planning a Green Wedding

| 8/14/2009 2:38:58 PM

After a summer hiatus (it's been a very busy summer!), I am back in the swing of blog-writing, with a whole new line of blogs. My boyfriend and I recently got engaged and are planning a wedding for May of 2010. It's about eight months away, so we will be in full-swing planning mode right from the start. Though I am on a fairly restrictive budget, I am hoping and planning to include as many eco-friendly aspects as possible. I've already got the locations chosen—both fairly eco-friendly if I do say so myself. The ceremony is planned at the small chapel at the Kansas City botanical gardens, Powell Gardens, a beautiful location with 915 acres of gardens and nature trails. The organization is committed to preservation and education. They help area residents grow bigger, better and healthier gardens, so I am thrilled to have my wedding at this gorgeous location, and to support an area business who shares my values. We plan to have our evening reception at a friend's home in the country...aside from the power use we'll require, it should be an eco-friendly location. I'm planning to use LED lights and beeswax candlelight to decorate. I'm also hoping to create hanging lanterns out of mason jars, like these. I'll be blogging regularly as I search for light-on-the-land AND light-on-the-budget wedding supplies and ideas. PLEASE offer me any suggestions you have from your own weddings or those of loved ones. I'm open to any and all suggestions!