Live from the Puyallup Mother Earth News Fair

| 6/5/2011 1:10:25 PM

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Hello! I'm writing from the media room at the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington. Bunches of our editors from Natural Home & Garden, Mother Earth News, Grit and Herb Companion are here along with tons of fantastic speakers, exhibitors and workshop leaders. I spent the morning yesterday helping Sherri Brooks Vinton prepare for her three hands-on canning demonstrations. Her workshops were packed with people learning her simple, easily accessible method for preserving fresh the form of delicious blueberry quick jam, tomato and chili salsa and spicy carrots. Sherri's doing an article on the subject for the next issue of Natural Home & Garden, so if you aren't lucky enough to be here, you can still learn fromĀ  her expertise.

Joel Salatin's keynote speech was a big highlight yesterday, and I also loved the many wonderful and informative workshops on the Natural Home & Garden stage, where we covered energy-efficiency improvements for any home, eco-friendly kitchen remodeling (from Molly McCabe, the writer of another upcoming NH&G article), DIY energy audits and more.

If you all are in the area, there's still time to come out today. We'll be here until 6 pm. Otherwise, join us this fall in Pennsylvania or California.

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