Do Greenies Hate their Websites?

| 10/14/2008 10:41:36 AM

Tags: online, website, eco-friendly, green site, web traffic,

Hi there! So...this morning our editor-in-chief, Robyn Griggs Lawrence, sent an interesting article my way from Mediaweek. It mentions a trend I find interesting: Though a large number of green-themed sites are out there, none of them gets that much traffic in the grand scheme of things. One potential reason is that there are just so many niche sites out there, the audience is divided for all of them. But another possibility is that maybe these green sites just aren't providing the information and features its potential customers want to see. As publishers of both Natural Home and, we of course deal with this all the time. We write fresh content each week, reporting on news and trends. We write blogs. We offer fun extras like comment contestssweepstakes and "questions of the month." And our 10 years of content means our site is simply loaded with great information...but is that what online readers are looking for? What are you looking for on a green website? What need isn't being met in cyberspace? Are you looking more for information or for fun features? What keeps you coming back to a site? Though many of us out here in webland suspect we know some of these answers, we'd so much prefer to hear from you...

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