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Striking Gold with Calendula

[avatar user="ajirsa" size="thumbnail" align="center" link="file" /] We here in the Northern Hemisphere have just celebrated the summer solstice--the longest day of the year and the beginning (for most of us) of the summer holiday season. All of this sun, mild weather, and blooming gardens ...

Shiitake & Morel Mushrooms

Shiitake and Morel Mushrooms are a couple of the best tasting mushrooms, well if you grow your own or wild harvest, that is. Those store bought mushrooms grown on sawdust in dark buildings cannot compare to the fresh taste of log grown shiitakes !! I am on a mushroom kick this week because it ...

Violets for All Seasons

‘Wild’ yards are things of beauty in the spring time!  Weeds to one, are salad greens, seasonings, or medicine to another.  From the tiny white flowers adorning chickweed to the deep purple and green blossoms of henbit, unkempt, springtime yards are happy rainbows of color. It is ...

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