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Got weeds? Let your drill do the work.

Weed Spinner is an innovative drill-driven weed removal tool that spins out weeds at the root.

It's fast and fun to use. There's no kneeling, bending, or getting your hands dirty!

What is it, exactly?

• Use Weed Spinner with your cordless electric drill (drill not included)
• 33-inch-long forged steel shaft
• The end that goes into your drill features three flat surfaces to stay firmly in the drill's chuck
• Innovative design features a forged pointed tip to pierce sod, hardscape, and clay soils
• Works on most any surface where weeds grow (lawns, gardens, sod, hardscape, loose rock, and more)
• Easy on your back and knees
• Eco-friendly and chemical-free
• Aerates and tills
• Invented and patented by Vern Ader, a retired teacher and gardener

How does it work?

• Insert the Weed Spinner shaft into the chuck of your drill.
• Point the tip into the ground next to the weed's main center stalk, then pull the drill's trigger for a few seconds and push down slightly. A slight angle works best.
• For safety and a better result, don’t start the drill until the Weed Spinner is properly placed.
• Your Weed Spinner will usually pull the roots out along with the weed.
• If your Weed Spinner hits a large rock or large root, it’s possible for the drill to jerk suddenly. If this is a concern, use a drill that has a second side handle for stability.
• Weeds may become wrapped around the Weed Spinner. If they don't fall off on their own when the drill is raised up, put the drill in reverse and spin for a few seconds to unwind the weeds. With the drill off, they can be removed by hand.
• The Weed Spinner isn’t recommended for caliche, calcrete, hardpan, or duricrust sedimentary soils. Heavy clay soils may bog the drill.

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