Mockingbird Meadows formulated Vapor Balm as a natural alternative to the chemical, store-bought options for congestion relief. Vapor Balm has all the cozy, comforting qualities that you’re looking for when dealing with a stuffy head and chest.

The owners of Mockingbird Meadows originally made Vapor Balm to fill a need during cold and flu season in their own house. Rub this balm on your back between your shoulder blades for cough and chest congestion. Rub it on your chest for sinus congestion. If you wish, you may rub some on your forehead and cheeks for even stronger sinus help. (If you do, be sure to wait until bedtime to prevent the vapors from making your eyes water.)

How It Works:
The balm releases mentholated vapors that help open clogged passageways. Slightly warming to the skin, it helps move congestion out of the head and chest (thanks to the use of farm-raised yarrow). Best of all, you don’t need to save it for bedtime! The pleasant scent won’t advertise that you’re feeling under the weather, so you can wear it in public, or even to work!

How It’s Made:
Mockingbird Meadows makes Vapor Balm with a 6-week-long solar infusion of olive oil, peppermint, yarrow, and cayenne. When the oil is ready, the owners add fresh, chemical-free beeswax along with menthol crystals and camphor oil. This formula is gentle enough for every member of the family, regardless of age.

This product — and all other Mockingbird Meadows products — is formulated by Dawn Combs, a trained herbalist, ethnobotanist, teacher, and long-time contributor to Mother Earth News and Mother Earth Living magazines. Don’t miss Dawn’s excellent book, Heal Local.

Olive oil* infused with peppermint++ (Mentha piperita), yarrow++ (Achillea millefolium), and cayenne++ (Capsicum annuum); beeswax; menthol crystals*, camphor oil. [* Organic, ++ Chemical-free] 1 ounce.

+This statement has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. This product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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