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In today's busy world it's easy to understand the desire for shortcuts. With our time eaten up by work, family and errands, we almost unconsciously look for quick fixes that aren't always the healthiest for our home or family. With The New Art of Living Green, authors Erica Palmcrantz Aziz and Susanne Hovenäs dare us to stop and think for a moment about the type of chemicals we use in our home, where we buy our produce, and the amount of waste we create. With this book you'll discover simple tips and guidelines that will help you make greener choices, to the benefit of your growing family's health and a grateful Mother Earth.

This guide provides a collection of proven ways to live green practically, and on a daily basis. Learn more about such topics as:

  • The World Around You: How to act now
  • The Home: Making slow and simple changes
  • The Body: Going from chemicals to natural
  • The Garden: How to farm anywhere
  • Work and Play: Incorporating sustainable living into your routine
  • Raw Food: Green recipes for you and Mother Earth
  • Spirituality: Discovering the feeling of togetherness

It's easy to become complacent with a routine, so to help free you of bad habits, each chapter ends with seven challenges for you to try at home. Finally transform thought into action and lend a helping hand toward making our planet a better place for future generations to come. Even the smallest of changes can make a difference!

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Author: E. Aziz & S. Hovenas

Pages: 198

Format: Paperback

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